Our history

The KOVVIN story began over 25 years ago with our passion of wine. Given the history of great wines produced for centuries in Hungary, we decided to explore the possibility of creating our own special wines from our own vineyards in Hungary.

In 1989, my wife and I began looking for the right region. After three years of searching, we discovered Sag Hegy in 1992. We tasted some of the local wines and knew that we “found it”. Sag Hegy is largely an un-discovered secret in Hungary, but after researching its history, we were delighted to learn that wine making on Sag Hegy has been going on for centuries. The unique volcanic soil and micro-climate proved to be ideal for producing varieties of grapes that have the potential of yielding excellent, harmonious wines.

Our dream was to produce the best quality wine possible. We purchased an abandoned “cellar” and began to renovate it. Finally, after almost two years of continuous work, we moved in in the spring of 1994. Although the original site was a very small with only a couple of fruit trees on it, we purchased a modest 1600m2 vineyard adjacent to our house in 1996 beginning our journey.

The first harvest was exiting, like having your first baby. The wine we produced was pleasant, but it did not have the specific character that we were looking for. The vineyard had several different variety of grapes, typical for the area as previous winemakers were motivated by the quantity, rather than the quality of the product.

As other vineyards on adjacent properties became available KOVVIN grew, one parcel at a time. Like the original parcel, the vines were of assortment of varieties. Over the years we replaced the plants that were not suitable for producing the quality of grapes suitable for making good wine.

Presently we produce five different varieties of grapes on six different parcels. We focus on creating white, dry wines, but last year we expanded our direction by planting a parcel with reds.