Our Wines

The process of making our wine

The cycle of wine making begins with the pruning of the vines. We start late winter early spring when the vines are still dormant. Pruning is a balanced form of “art”, because we need to consider not only the current year’s crop, but also plan for the following year’s as well.

The busiest time in the vineyard is May through July: in addition to keeping the fruit healthy, the growth must be controlled. Most varieties produce excess growth of the vines and fruit which must be removed. Each plant can produce only limited quantities of healthy wholesome fruit, which is essential for making excellent wine.

Depending on the variety and weather conditions most grapes ripen from the end of August through the end of October resulting in staggered harvesting. The harvest itself is an exciting and festive time, especially when the weather is good. Family and friends unite and participate in the picking and processing of the grapes. After the work is done, we celebrate by eating, drinking, singing, and dancing.
Picking grapes is only the beginning of making wine. As the grapes arrive in the cellar they are processed through the stammer/crusher. “Mush” is produced from the crushed grapes where it is transferred into tubs and then placed in the press. At this point the grape juice is called must. The must will settle for a day or so before being transferred into oak barrels where the fermentation takes place; turning the must into wine. Fermentation, takes anywhere from a week to several weeks. Following fermentation, the new wine is allowed to settle then transferred into clean barrels for aging. Depending on the variety, aging may take up to two years.

When the aging process is complete, the wine is clarified, filtered and placed into the hermetically sealed stainless steel tanks. All the wines offered to the public are submitted to the government testing laboratory where they undergo testing and certification.

Over the years we modernized our processing and storage equipment, investing in stainless steel stammer/crusher, stainless steel hydraulic press, new oak barrels, filtering systems, and hermetically sealed stainless steel storage tanks.